Project EOS Rise

Now running demo's at Breakout Con in Toronto Canada


Four individuals have been hand-picked to head up Humanity's toughest challenge, Project EOS Rise. The mission, search out a new home for humanity before the governments of our world destroy what little is left of earth.

2 - 3 Hours

1 - 4 Players

Cooperative Play

Solo Gameplay

Point to Point Movement

Character Leveling


What the players are saying

"I enjoyed playing the early prototype at CanGames 2018 in Ottawa. Awesome! The game captures the sense of a group of interplanetary explorers working together to save humanity from extinction. Intense play which ended successfully due to our teamwork."

Eric Paquette

Worker placement - engine building - dice throwing / mitigation game - space combat - data collecting.. This game has it all.. loved every minute of it!

William C. Gushue