Development Update.

Hello friends! I'm back with a quick update. I've been silent the past couple weeks and for a good reason. A lot has been accomplished that past 2 weeks. 


I recently returned from my first ever board game convention. Wow, what a great experience. I had a full table each game slot. I was able to run demos for some highly talented game designers. They left me with some suggestions that have taken my game from great to fantastic.

Some of the core suggestions where
  • Some color changes on tokens
  • The new payment system for skill levels
  • New turn order for a game round. 
  • Removing the medical skill
  • New quest difficulty, green and red quest. Red is team quest green are individual character quest. 
  • The universe is now broken into four territories. Event cards will be different depending on what region you stop in.

Not Final design

Busy busy

A launch date has been planned with the games creative director, so there is a lot to do beforehand. In no order here is my to-do list.

  • Build a new website (almost done)
  • Print new cards and board for a final prototype.
  • Rewrite the rulebook.
  • Add all the new content into the steam game.
  • Plan for unguided playtesting. 
  • Find an editor for all written content.
  • Get revised game components to our factory for a more accurate quote.
  • shoot how to play videos.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a fun new opportunity to design a card. Version 2.0 of the game is going to feature amazing personal quest for each crew member. I have developed a simple form for you to create a game card. So far the entries from our mailing list have been incredible.

The form can be found here.

Thanks to each one of you for following along as I build towards launching Project EOS Rise

Bye for now.
James Baker

Project EOS Rise game designer.