Latest Component update.

With some solid advice from CanGames, I'm working towards building all the components for V2.0 of the game. Below is a look at the Game Board, and Crew Cards.

Major Board Changes.

  • Added Regions of space that will challenge the players in different abilities.
  • Added some new labeling to the mission section of the board to better reflect the new card rules. 
  • Adjusted the extinction spot 8 effects to occur in spot 7.
  • Added a mass invasion hexagon for D20 rolls

Crew Cards

  • Removed the Medical skill
  • Changed the size of the cards 
  • Added Skill icons to help player identify skill test. 

Additionally, I have created all new tokens as a smaller size to help with board crowding.

Thanks For all your support and shout out to Rico on our Facebook page for the awesome region name suggestions :) Remember to join our mailing list to help us reach our Pre-Launch community goal.