We are humanity's last hope!

In 2016, scientist started picking up seven fast radio bursts from an unknown galaxy. After days of repeating, the sequence suddenly went dark. Months went by, and the scientist began to hypothesize rapidly spinning neutron stars. Then, on a June night an observatory in Penticton, B.C. received a new signal. The best researchers began decoding the signal. After many peer reviews and countless debates, the scientist concluded. The message contained a date, June 2018.

Researchers and business leaders lobbied world governments to act on the signal. Their warnings fell on deaf ears. Preoccupied with shadow wars and keeping a stranglehold on resources, they failed to see the importance. Not satisfied with the government’s reaction the scientist made the signal public. The hope was that great strategic minds around the globe could decode the mysterious warning in time.

Meanwhile, The Galactic Citizens Federation was born. Born by famed thinkers, to unite our species for a better world. A world without, hate politics, fear mongering, human rights violations and distrust. Born to create a brighter future for our species. However, that future no longer belongs here on earth.