Game Features

The objective of the game

  In Project Eos Rise, you are one of four crew members aboard the world's first interstellar Starship the EOS. Your mission, to search out a new home for the Galactic Citizens Federation. Each player will have a role to play and only by working together will humanity have hope. Always keep in mind, time is of the essence as each stop in your adventure brings the earth one step closer to extinction.


Prototype Board Design - The EOS is on the left and the Universe on the right

Early in the game

It's advised to avoid more powerful aliens. Focus on training gathering weapons, skills, and expanding the EOS. The research data can accumulate on the board without much worry at this stage.

During the Mid game

Attempting ground-based missions is a good idea. The mission rewards can provide the valuable time needed for the late game. It’s also time to start piloting towards research data.

In the late game

Once the EOS, and crew are well equipped, it's time to race towards the last research data. Either you succeed, and the Galactic Citizen Federation finds a new homeworld. Or you fail, and the governments of the earth have caused the extinction of the human race.