MISSION OBJECTIVE - Your mission is to travel the universe, collecting fast radio bursts (FRBs) to advance the Progress track. When you reach the end, the "Last Dash" is triggered. In this final phase, the crew will put it all on the line in a desperate attempt to reach the origin of the signal – one Last Dash to the Paradise Planet – and win the game. GAME OVER - If the star marker on the Extinction track reaches the dead planet, Earth becomes extinct. And, if the Command room of the EOS is destroyed, your mission is aborted. In either case, the game is lost. Project EOS Rise is played by cycling through 9 phases to complete a game round, then resetting for the next round.

Project EOS Rise is played by cycling through 9 phases to complete a game round, then resetting for the next round.

Phase 1


In this first phase the players can spend a few moments talking about anticipated situations or how to accomplish a particular goal.

Phase 2

Crew Actions

Each player announces what action they are performing and places their Character meeple onto an empty Action icon in the Starship EOS.

Phase 3

Starship EOS Warp

The Pilot is responsible for warping the EOS to neighboring galaxies. Will you, deliver cargo, attack alien ships, or pilot your way to riches the fate of humanity will rest on your choices.

Phase 4

EOS Attack

Weapons are locked and ready to fire! In this phase, the entire crew will partake in a dice placement mini-game trying to active damage cards to destroy alien ships

Phase 5

Alien Ship Movement

WARNING! in this phase, all known alien ships are strategically moving throughout the universe, trying to hunt down the EOS or protect valuable FRB signals.

Phase 6

Aliens Attack

Shields up! Any alien ship that entered the same galaxy as the EOS will engage. Hopefully, your decision has left the crew with some defenses from this onslaught.

Phase 7

Aliens Redeploy

As the game progresses, the Universe is likely to grow crowded with Alien ships. As you hunt for the Paradise Planet, the Aliens will be hunting you. The threat of you being overrun is real.

Phase 8

Extinction & Event

You are one year closer to Earth's destruction. In this phase, the crew will draw an Event card for the region where the Starship EOS has ended its movement. Events will change the rules of the game during the next round.

Phase 9

Funding, Refresh, Refill

It's not over yet? Great! Take a breath, calm your nerves. Time to clean up, collect funding and reset for the next game round.